Surveys and Land Use Planning


In order to better support the survey requirements of First Nations, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) has redefined part of their survey program as a Grants and Contributions program. This program would be incrementally moved from under the Department’s operational umbrella, to a well-defined and official program managed by a First Nation organization.

Over the course of the 2012-2013 fiscal year, NALMA assumed the responsibility of managing the portion of the Survey Program funded under Grants and Contributions on behalf of INAC under a pilot arrangement.

To facilitate the transition NALMA worked closely with INAC-Headquarters (HQ), as well as INAC and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) respective Regions.

The pilot was evaluated by the participants (First Nations, Land Surveyors, INAC, and NRCan) based on the results, the pilot was very successful. To that end, NALMA has continued to deliver the program on an ongoing basis.

Program Objective

  1. Delivery of INAC Grants and Contributions Survey Program specifically for First Nations throughout Canada with exception to First Nations Land Management Act (FNLMA) Bands;
  2. Survey program to be delivered through NALMA as part of their core operations;
  3. Contracting out of land surveys to support First Nations priorities such as:
    1. Set Asides – Section 18(2)
    2. Land Designations – Section 53
    3. First Nation Allotments – Section 20
    4. Permits – Section 28(2)
    5. Re-survey of Exterior Boundaries
    6. Additions to Reserve
    7. Land Use Mapping for Band Land Purposes
    8. Other surveys to support land administration as recommended by INAC
  4. Collaborate with INAC- HQ, NRCan-HQ and their respective regions to:
    1. Ensure project readiness
    2. Provide ongoing communication to ensure issues are addressed during all phases of the project; and
  1. Program delivery available in both official languages as required.

NALMA Survey Program

About Surveys on First Nation_Reserve_lands

For NALMA Survey Project Inquiries Contact:

Graeme Sandy
Survey Project Manager
Phone:  519-757-6881